Meet the Hands and Hearts behind your Jewelry

We want you to see meet us in person. Please come join us at the shop and be part of our inner circle!

Co-Op membership is an opportunity for artists to work is a collaborative environment, gain access to tools and sell their work directly to the public in our shared Gallery. Each artist takes their jewelry and private tools home with them at the end of the day when they leave.

Gallery space is open to the public and artists working at the Co-Op can sell their pieces directly to customers. Co-Op members who are up to date on their monthly dues for the previous three months receive up to 90% of the sale price of their work sold through the Gallery. The remaining 10% of the sale goes to the fees related to the cost of selling and other Co-Op related expenses.

Becoming a Member

We are taking applications for Artists who are interested in joining our Co-Op.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

There is a $20 monthly fee all members contribute into a pool. All members get one vote in monthly meeting to decide how this money is spent to better the Co-Op.